Car Covers: Importance and Benefits


Cars have become a not unusual method of private delivery now days. Even middle elegance households are buying this car to interact in a highly-priced existence. After buying the sort of automobile it becomes to protect it from robbery and unfavorable consequences of daylight, dust and rains. A 4 wheeler need to be guarded and protected in one of these way that no time and effort is ate up in it. Car covers are the maximum vital external accessories used for protection of cars. These covers act as defend to guard them from dust, moisture, warmth and tries of robbery. It is vital to have this accessory for supplying safety. All covers used for guarding 4 wheeler have to be strong. They must be durable enough and must be product of top best fabric. Such add-ons are able to shield automobiles for a long time.

They additionally maintain the beauty and looks of a automobile. When you aren’t riding a automobile for a few days, weeks or months, better defend it with appropriate great automobile covers. This will permit you to lessen depreciation fee of the automobile. In case if you sell your automobile after 2-3 years, you can get a nice rate for maintaining it in a nice situation. Protective sheets and treatments defend your vehicle from many factors. They could save you youngsters from writing and scratching on it with sharp gear. They might save your difficult earned money from getting expended from automobile maintenance due to absence of protection to your vehicle. You might also bear in mind buying shielding covers as wastage, however they will store your vehicle from damage and hold it running for a long term.

Those who recognize the benefits of vehicle covers by no means fail to buy them. These add-ons are very useful when you are taking your automobile in a new vicinity and park it for extended hours. A cowl will shield your car from dirt and robbery while it’s far stored for long in a brand new location. These materials are very powerful in giving protection to automobiles from daylight. Sunlight includes ultraviolet rays that fade away the shine as well as paint of the automobile. By the use of a durable cowl you may protect the splendor and shine of your car for many years. When a car is stored exposed to sunlight, it absorbs warmth. Due to this warmth absorption the interiors also get heated. The seat covers also get harm; covers assist to hold the temperature of a vehicle by way of shielding it from solar rays.


Mitsubishi Motors pick-up family now has five versions: HPE-S is now at the top of the line with HPE, GLS Automatic, GLX and GL. New features are in the aesthetics of each, in addition to the multimedia system with capacitive screen, Wi-Fi, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A complete line of pick-ups for all types of use. So it is the L200 Triton Sport family, which now has five new versions, each with its own identity and Mitsubishi’s DNA 4×4, synonymous with strength and endurance. “With the 2019 lineup, we are offering a complete portfolio of pick-ups, both for those who need the car cover waterproof for those who want a comfortable and well-equipped vehicle for off-road travel and adventures with the family” , says Reinaldo Muratori, planning director of Mitsubishi Motors. The L200 Triton Sport combines the best of both worlds: strength, robustness and load capacity for the most diverse situations, with comfort, technology and connectivity, essential for everyday life.

The HPE-S model becomes the top of the line and comes with new 17-inch wheels, which bring even more sophistication, robustness, dynamic performance and safety to run on any floor. The new Dark Chrome headlamps follow the design and the unique front grille translates the visual identity of the L200 Triton Sport line, with a unique and sophisticated design, further enhancing the lines of the front bumper, and even improves cooling performance. The new multimedia system has a capacitive screen of 7.0 inches and comes equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, state-of-the-art audio streaming and WiFi connection, which allows access to native applications such as Waze and Spotify. The HPE version comes with 16-inch diamond wheels, grille and Dark Chrome headlamps, which are integrated with the look of the front. The multimedia system is also equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which allows a quick and easy connection with the major smartphones on the market.

Another novelty of the 2019 line is the GLS Automatic version, which comes to complement the product line and offer a modern and attractive version for consumers. The model features a customizable chrome front grille, body-color door mirrors and door handles. The entry version is the GLX with six-speed manual transmission and 4×4 Easy Select traction with electronic drive. The vehicle features new wheels and 16-inch ATR tires, door handles, mirrors and black front grille, plus black-colored headlights. Completing the line 2019 is the GL version, which makes its debut in the ‘Sport’ model. The pick-up is intended for fleet owners and companies who need a robust and efficient model for the job. “We have the most balanced pick-up on the market,” says Muratori. “All versions from the GL to the HPE-S are equipped with the same engine, the modern 2.4 in aluminum. That is, even those who need a car for heavy work will find a modern and quality engine, “he points out. Produced at the Mitsubishi Motors factory in Catalão (GO), the L200 Triton Sport was conceived in the Ultimate Sport Utility Truck concept, which translates into dynamic and athletic style, with sportiness and driving pleasure, without losing the sophistication, comfort and silence of walking vehicles, combining the practicality and durability for commercial uses.

Same engine for all versions

The five models of the L200 Triton Sport are equipped with the modern 2.4 turbo diesel engine, aluminum, with 190 hp and 430 Nm of torque. It is the world’s first pick-up to use an aluminum engine, which results in less weight and more performance. They are about 30 pounds less on the engine alone. Combined with all this, the exclusive MIVEC system, which is capable of delivering high torque at low revs and high power at high speeds, without compromising on reliability, durability and fuel economy. The powertrain was developed with the most modern looking for high performance and fuel economy. With excellent volumetric design, the 2.4-liter engine has a low compression ratio, which translates into smooth and quiet operation. The Variable Geometry Turbine enables the L200 Triton Sport engine to deliver high torque at low engine speeds and high engine power, without compromising on reliability, durability and low maintenance. The MIVEC system has dynamic actuation of the valve control. It is much easier to measure the optimum amount of air in the engine avoiding losses and increasing energy efficiency.

More complete traction on the market

The HPE-S and HPE versions use the most modern traction system on the market, the Super Select II, which has the 4×2, 4×4 (which can run on asphalt), 4×4 with central differential lock and reduced 4×4. Exchanges can be made easily through the selector in the center console. In addition, the vehicle has the rear axle differential lock. In extreme situations, where the wheels are suspended, like transverse ditches or terrain with erosions, with a simple touch of the button, the car is able to surpass with facility. In all, there are up to 20 combinations of gear, showing all the off-road fitness of this pick-up, which is the only one equipped with Paddle Shifters, allowing the sportiness of the manual transmission with the practicality of the automatic.

4×4 DNA comfort, sophistication and interior space

The L200 Triton Sport comes with standard 4×4 DNA and excellent drivability, performance and comfort, allied to a balanced set with the strength and endurance that only a true Mitsubishi offers. The side design is designed to express the personality of this pick-up, offering unique visual via the J-Line, which results in better dynamic performance, agility and ease of driving. With the J-Line, it was possible to reduce wheelbase without compromising internal comfort and load capacity, bringing great agility and maneuverability. The turning radius is the best of the category, with only 5.9 meters.

Designed with the highest technology and aerodynamics, the L200 Triton Sport has a lot of comfort, low noise levels and offers pleasure when driving. It comes equipped with bi xenon headlamps with DRL, chrome door handles and mirror with electric folding. Inside, a lot of sophistication with the Piano Black and Chrome-Like Silver finishes on the center panel and console, the door panels and the electronic 4×4 traction selector. To provide an even more engaging and comfortable interior, the pick-up comes equipped with Dual Zone air conditioning, Start / Stop button for keyless start, rear camera and rain, light and parking sensors. The seats with leather have better ergonomics and have been developed to offer even more comfort – and less fatigue – in long journeys. The driver’s seat comes with electrical adjustment. The L200 Triton Sport is equipped with the most modern protection system with Full Airbags, and nine bags: front, side, curtain and driver’s knee. In addition to pre-tensioned front belts that adjust to the maximum to reduce the impacts to the body of the passenger in case of a possible frontal collision.

Off-road for real

Off-road fitness is present in the titles won and the excellent numbers on the off-road:
– Angle of entry – 30 °
– Angle of departure – 22 °
– Angle of ramp – 26 °
– Lateral inclination – 45 °
– Clearance height of the ground – 220 mm
– Crossing with water – 600 mm

The model has the function of water heater for flooded stretches: when the vehicle passes through a flooded stretch, the water is not designed for the windshield and does not disturb the driver’s vision, guaranteeing even more safety in the most varied terrains. The SDS II suspension has an expanded stabilizer bar and stiffer helical springs, which work in perfect harmony with the shock absorbers. At the front it is independent, with double triangular arms, hydraulic dampers, coil springs and stabilizer bar. At the rear, rigid axle and semi-elliptical springs. The bucket was developed with higher side walls to enhance the robustness of the exterior design. With this she became deeper, expanding her volumetric capacity. The load capacity is 1,075 kilos. The Brake Light comes integrated into the rear lid, increasing safety.

Spacious, functional and harmonious interior

As in the external design, the Ultimate Sport Utility concept is also present inside the L200 Triton Sport. All internal trim pieces have been carefully engineered to maximize cabin interior space and provide even more comfort and sophistication. From the central panel, the design is symmetrical and refers to the continuity and integration of the flooring of the doors, as well as the central floor console. Inside, the gray and black colors are in perfect harmony, imparting sportiness and refinement, also reflecting the practicality of use required for a pick-up. One of the novelties is the handy 4×4 traction selector strategically located in the center console. Its positioning and dimensions have been thoughtfully designed to optimize operating ergonomics.

The seats fitted to the L200 Triton Sport are very comfortable for both long journeys and more challenging off-road stretches. The upholstery was increased, minimizing body movement during maneuvers. The front seats are wider, with a new look, and the driver’s seat has an electric adjustment. With this, you can easily find the best steering position with a perfect angle of the driver’s arms, reflecting the reduction of fatigue during long hours of steering. The rear seats have an excellent backrest angle and a design that amplifies the feeling of depth. The vehicle is equipped with Isofix system for fastening child seats. Thanks to the optimization of the J-Line concept, the L200 Triton Sport has one of the cabins with the best inner legroom in the category, and also has the largest angle of the back seatrest. In the same way, the angle of the lateral columns was scaled, enlarging the internal space. The steering wheel has depth and height adjustments, plus audio controls, cruise control and bluetooth phone access. With the Keyless Operation System, it is possible to lock and unlock the doors without the use of the key. And, to start the engine, just press a button. For the complete comfort of the driver and passengers, there are 16 object holders and 11 courtesy lights, in addition to the spectacle holder in the ceiling console. The glove compartment has the practical ‘Push Lock’, which has the cover with cushioned opening and easy access also by the driver’s side.

Comfort and safety

The L200 Triton Sport, in the HPE-S and HPE versions, come equipped with ATSC traction control and stability, which ensures more safety, precision and control. Stability Control (ASC) operates in times of instability, when tires are slipping on floors with low grip or when the vehicle is making sudden movements that indicate loss of direction. Traction Control (ATC) brakes skidding wheels and optimizes engine torque delivery under traction loss conditions, whether caused by slippery floors or during the transposition of a difficult obstacle. In addition, the vehicle comes with the HSA (Hill Start Assist), ramp start assistant, which facilitates maneuvering.

The L200 Triton Sport is equipped with the unique TSA (Trailer Stability Assist), which stabilizes the trailer / vehicle assembly when the winding phenomenon is detected, ensuring even more safety. The brake system is complete with ABS, EBD, BAS, making braking effective, even in extreme situations. In addition, the vehicle has the Brake Override System, BOS, which constantly monitors the brake and accelerator signals. If the brake is applied together with the accelerator and sets up an emergency situation, the system gradually reduces engine speed until the vehicle is fully and completely shut down. Together with all this is the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), an emergency braking signal that acts as a warning to avoid collisions, triggering the brake lights intermittently. The maximum safety was prioritized in the construction of this pickup. Designed under the RISE concept, the chassis has high efficiency in energy absorption and great structural rigidity. In addition, the body has received extra protection with the use of high strength materials applied in strategic regions. All these actions help maintain the integrity of the occupants of the vehicle in case of a possible accident.

Technology for welfare

Several insulation materials have been strategically positioned to minimize noise from the engine, tire rolling and even wind, achieving excellent levels of acoustic comfort. In addition to new suspensions, other components such as body cushions, which are responsible for reducing vibrations, have received significant performance improvements. In the L200 Triton Sport, they have more than twice the area for impact absorption. In addition, the vehicle has small weights installed in strategic regions of the chassis, aiming to minimize powertrain noise that may bother users. The design and design of the L200 Triton Sport featured the most advanced computational features and wind tunnel verification tests, which resulted in an aerodynamic coefficient of only 0.40. It is one of the lightest pick-ups in the category, with a power-to-weight ratio of just 10.2 kg / hp. This was made possible thanks to improvements in the side surface angle of the front bumper and cross section of the ‘A’ column, optimization of the roof shape and rear panel of the hopper, tapering of the cab end and improvements in the shape of the wheel case . The L200 Triton Sport was developed with a focus on visibility. The design of the wiper hood and wiper blades provide greater field of view, minimizing blind spots.

Colors and advantages

The L200 Triton Sport has MitRevision with a fixed price, three years warranty, and is offered in eight colors: Alpine White, Fuji White, Silver Rodhium, Cool Silver, London Gray, Onyx Black, Ruby Red, Brown Cocoa and Blue Oil.

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